Ginger Wang 王婧娟

Ginger Wang 王婧娟

Over the years, I have provided many customers with professional home financing advice and service. My role is to work exclusively with mortgage customers from first time home buyers, self-employed individuals, new landed immigrants to the seasoned homeowner looking to move, access home equity, transfer or refinance an existing mortgage. I will work closely with you to customize a mortgage that is just right for you, meets your long term financial goals, and can save you money so you can pay off your mortgage sooner ! No matter what type of mortgage financing you are looking for, it makes sense to speak to me first. I can meet you at your convenience and my experience is yours for the asking!

丰业银行转房屋贷款5年利率特殊项目Dec 8, 2014 - June 30, 2015 (outside of Quebec)

适合房屋贷款即将到期,或是现有贷款利息过高的客人. 贷款金额最少为$100,000.


1. 您目前银行收取的转出费用,Discharge/Transfer fee $400

2. 律师费用, Instant Funding Legal fee $500

3. 房价评估费, Appraisal fee $300

丰业银行转房屋贷款5年利率特殊项目Dec 8, 2014 - June 30, 2015 (Quebec)

适合房屋贷款即将到期,或是现有贷款利息过高的客人. 贷款金额最少为$100,000.


关于细节,请致电 613-852-0175


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